About Zurich Japan


We provide auto insurance, accident insurance and accident and health insurance. These products are provided to individual customers and members of our sponsor companies using each of our sales channels.

Individual customer channelDirect Business Unit

The Direct Business is a way for Zurich to directly provide auto insurance, bike insurance, and various accident insurance products to individual customers via telephone line and the Internet. The direct method allows for cutting intermediate costs, and by streamlining operations through introducing additional technologies, this in turn gives Zurich the ability to offer its insurance premiums at reasonable rates. Through this business, we strive to provide high-quality services that respond to changes in market and consumer needs.
In addition, we consider "Voice of Customer" is one of our managerial resources and use it to improve our products, services and operations.

Main insurance products: Auto insurance, Bike insurance, Accident insurance, etc.

Sponsor channelWholesale Business Unit

The Wholesale Business Unit is providing members of our sponsor companies (endorsers) personal insurance products such as personal accident insurance, which is an unique business model that enables to generate a synergistic effect on our sponsors’ business activities. Our sponsors are spread across a wide array of industries, mainly consisting of credit card companies, banks, loyalty card companies, airlines and travel agencies. We offer insurance to the members of our sponsor companies utilizing direct mail and telemarketing, in a form that corresponds to each of the sponsor’s main business.

Main insurance products: Personal accident insurance, Overseas travel insurance, Personal liability insurance, Child insurance, Senior personal accident insurance, Accident and health insurance, etc.




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